Shooting for foreign nationals in Rome.


An estimated 4.5m Italians live in a home with a  firearms. Any one residing in Italy that comes from the European Union can apply for a firearm permit .

There are three main types of permits available here in Italy; Sporting, Hunting & Carry. All permits require passing a preliminary course at the local TSN, which starts with theory and ends with a practical exam.  The most common permit is the “TAV – Tiro al Volo”, which is the sporting permit. It lasts five years and allows you to legally own and store up to 12 sporting weapons as well as three military type firearms, and up to 200 rounds. If you are a reloader you can have up to 3 kg of Black Powder as well as the 200 rounds.

The TAV permit does not allow you carry your firearm outside of where it is registered, unless of course you are going to the range or a gun shop for repair. Rightly so, the Italian Law Enforcement community take a very dim view on any infractions. You also need to be on your best behaviour, if you are involved any kind of minor criminal behaviour you will lose the lot. This includes; Drink & driving infractions, any type of offensive or threatening behaviour, (this can include shouting at other drivers), and a host of other ways of getting in trouble.

Pointless going into detail about the Carry permit because you won’t get one. They are issued on an annual basis and limited to those who have a really good reason to carry one. The Hunting permit requires a walk in the world of Kafka and is as complex. Its much easier and cheaper to get your meat from a high class Butcher,(Teste di Lepre has the best), and a lot safer.

Joining a range is the only real way of justifying your newly acquired Sporting Permit. Its also the simplest way of getting into the dynamic world of sport shooting. Click on the link below to go straight to TSN Roma. Situated in Tor di Quinto, this is Rome’s most famous and best loved TSNs. There you will find a complete list of the documentation required to begin.

Korral 26 is able to accomodate English speaking foreign Nationals who already hold permits who wish to shoot at our facility. Diplomatic staff and EU Military & Law Enforvcement Personnel living and working in Italy or civilians who  currently hold a European Fire Arms License,  will find our range a unique and professional environment. Embassy protection details are welcome to organize training and refresher courses using our varied ranges to simulate most situations and scenarios.


Training is encouraged at all levels at Korral 26. In addition to Firearm training, we also offer courses for other combat disciplines.

  • Archery
  • Axe throwing
  • Baton training
  • Crossbow.
  • Handcuff techniques
  • JKD/Kali
  • Knife throwing
  • Knife defence
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